Why Choose Ufelix

Ufelix is a startup that offers smart shipping and delivery solutions through two smartphone applications, one for customers and one for captains supported by a website and control panel and offering many features and services to its customers.

Fastest Services

Shipping and delivery is one of the distinctive services that we seek to develop continuously to satisfy customers and to make a difference in the market

Instant notifications

You will receive instant notifications for all transactions on your account and all cases of your orders from creation to delivery

High performance technology

At Ufelix we use high-performance technologies to deliver delivery orders to customers, reducing time and cost and increasing operation efficiency

real time tracking

You can track your shipments and orders at any time to see their status and deliveries details, dates and captain information.

real time order

You can request Captain Ufelix closest to you to come and deliver your goods, products, items and gifts to any place at any time

Overall insurance on shipments

Your shipments with us are fully insured against breakage, damage and theft by a system integrated with insurance companies for a small cost

Your store with Ufelix

Store your goods and products with Ufelix for free and reduce time and cost for shipping and delivery

Your bills whenever you want

Keep track of your invoices in an easy way and monitor your merchandise values and delivery values in your app

Intelligent delivery and return policy

We meet the need of our customers by delivering and retrieving their products at the lowest cost and in the fastest time by amplifying our operational capabilities and following the original idea.

Packaging is free with us

Ufelix provides you with free packaging of your products and goods with flyers and cartons and anti-break packaging to maintain and deliver in the best condition

Cash in Delivery

Keep up with market requirements to serve small traders, websites and online shop pages to participate in development and success

Smart wallet

You can track your collections moment by moment and make withdrawals or deposits from your wallet account at any time